The cost of gas: in terms of kilowatts per hour gas is the most efficient heat source for rotisseries.

Constant cost: gas is never subject to hourly tariff fluctuations. This is in contrast to electricity, the cost of which is usually higher during peak times (late morning and early evening).

Independent energy: gas bottles are available everywhere and at any time.

Gas is particularly suitable for rotisserie cooking:-

  • Rapidity: Instant start up
  • Power: Very rapid climb in temperature
  • Economical: Precise setting of the heat
  • Tenderness: Humid environment particularly adapted to the combustion of gas, which gives the meats unparalleled tenderness

Rotisol Technology: before making a choice, it is imperative to compare the power consumption of machines manufactured by our competitors. Incredible differences can be noticed, resulting in important savings in your budget. Rotisol has been using gas for decades and makes its own patented burners and radiants.

Some of our competitors use heating devices that are manufactured for heating and not cooking. Some imitations of our Grandes Flammes range equipped with these systems have extravagant power consumption levels.