The Vertical Spit System permits vertical cooking of different pieces thanks to its gear system.

Accessories enable cooking products by the portion, ideal for traditional restaurant use. Available in 3, 5 or 6 hook varieties, depending on the model of the unit. If required, there is the possibility of adapting an alternating/ continuous motor for the turning of the spit, producing a grilled-like finish (Spatchcock cooking).





This gearing system to be inserted in place of a normal spit and allows the vertical spits below to be hung.

Installed on the Rotisserie MASTERFLAME2 rotisserie.

and as an option on the Rotisserie GRANDFLAME and  Rotisserie FLAMBOYANT2 rotisserie.


Carousel with 4 skewers


For shish-kebab


For small pieces such as sausages



For pigeon and other small birds


Multi-purpose hook


For soups etc..


Steel basket for smaller pieces


For cooking pies etc..