Rotisol’s newest range of ergonomically-designed rotisseries, the GrandFlame series boasts a number of innovative features for increased functionality and appearance. Plastic switches and gas knobs have been replaced by attractive and durable brass fittings, while edges have been rounded and patented low-level stainless steel burners incorporated for superior flame-cooking results – all in a wide range of colours. In fact, the Rotisol rotisserie range is the only one in which you can actually see the flame, highlighted by a powerful quartz lamp, which not only enhances the cooking process but provides an attractive backdrop to your kitchen. Based on Rotisol’s renowned build-quality and design, the GrandFlame series is available in either traditional gas or electric models in seven different sizes, from two spits to eight, and have our vertical spit system as an option. All GrandFlame rotisseries are available in a stainless steel finish, stainless steel with enameled panels, or our deluxe enamel finish.